Overcoming My Racial Identity Crisis from a Transracial Adoption Environment

Hi, my name is Jade, and I am excited to be writing my first blog post! I know for this being my first time, I’ve chosen quite a heavy subject to talk about, but I want to share my experiences with transracial adoption and the ups and downs I have faced with my racial identity crisis. It wasn’t until a couple years ago, when I got to college, that I even became aware of this issue. And, after doing more research and self-reflecting on my growth and development, I have now come to realize how it has affected me and still does to this day.

Based on a study done by American Adoptions in 2017, transracial adoptions have increased by 50% in the last decade. This is a large demographic, and one that is continuously growing, which is why I believe it is so important that these topics be brought to light. Exposing these issues is only the first step to shifting the paradigm of our socio-cultural landscape and maybe, just maybe, instigating change.

But now, onto my story.

I was adopted from Guang Xi, China into a White family when I was 15 months old. Growing up, my parents never kept it a secret that I was adopted. In fact, I think they did a good job explaining to me what adoption meant, even at a young age. But even though I knew that I wasn’t White, in my childhood, there was never a time when I looked in the mirror and saw myself as anything but that. In elementary school, I was fortunate enough to not be singled out for my race. Sure, I was bullied like every other kid, but never because of my “Asian-ness”. And when I ran errands with my mom and dad or hung out with family friends, they treated me the same as everyone else. So, growing up, I never viewed myself as different.

I don’t think that realization came to me until I was