Why We Need to Invest in Our Communities

Investing in our communities is so, so, so important. It’s something that we should be doing at all levels of daily life. Whether that be neighbors rallying behind a local goal, or a large-scale federal operation by the government to create stronger, more sustainable towns and cities. We should all have equal opportunity and equal access to public goods, but unless we actively work to raise the standard of living, we will never be truly equal.

It’s not a surprise that certain geographic areas of the country have better opportunities and access to things like education or health care. It’s unfortunate that our level of wealth strongly dictates our futures and correlates to our trajectories. However, we can try to level out the playing field through our investments.

By investing in our communities, especially ones of lower socio-economic status, we are directly influencing each individual’s future potential. Sometimes people are able to break out of the cyclical nature of their underserved environment, however, not everyone is able to. By investing more, we can help break this cycle and make it easier and more attainable.

It’s unsustainable to think that everyone can currently transform their environment and lifestyle. Every situation is different and every situation has challenges, some more than others. Just because there are people, like Alexis and Justin, who have surpassed what was expected of them, doesn’t mean we should sit idly and watch others struggle.

Instead, we should support them in any way that we possibly can. For example, by encouraging and importing money and resources, we are boosting the chances of providing a better education, which in turn can positively influence the community. Not only will current students understand more about the world, but they will be set up for better opportunities. Ones like higher education or occupations that they only ever saw on television.

Most people don’t forget where they came from. It’s a common virtue in a lot of people’s lives to pass on the favors that were given to them. To help foster and support the next gene