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Mim Jannat
Jun 14, 2022
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Search engine optimization isn’t a Whatsapp Mobile Number List part of online marketing but it is digital marketing as everything you can do to promote your content and website on the web helps in SEO in different ways. There are many ways of Whatsapp Mobile Number List doing SEO but some ways are getting more important than the general SEO process. These are 7 in number and they target different areas of digital marketing. Social content will get more importance Social media content is already on SERPs and in 2017 it will become more important for SEO Whatsapp Mobile Number List rankings. Last year, only 76% of the businesses were using social media for SEO and the trend is fast becoming popular. Social media content like business Whatsapp Mobile Number List profiles is indexed on top of SERPs. So, it’s time to collect and make use of your social media content. Videos are all more popular Videos make 62% of all Google searches. Also Whatsapp Mobile Number List Google has started recognizing blended searches that include videos and texts. Including engaging videos to your content, you can improve your chances to figure on first page of Google by 50%. Also Whatsapp Mobile Number List videos get 41% more clicks than text matter. Mobile optimization is crucial in 2017 Your customers aren’t on desktop alone hence having a desktop only site won’t help in 2017. They’re using big-screen Whatsapp Mobile Number List phones, Smartphones, tablets and all sorts of handheld devices that can be used like computers. Google has also announced mobile-first index that will further boost mobile-friendly websites. Voice Whatsapp Mobile Number List search function also gaining prominence Domino has a voice ordering feature for its pizza service. It is the new age technology to search info on the web. Voice search is convenient and an error free way of searching information. It helps when you want to search something while on the go or Whatsapp Mobile Number List while multitasking. Another advantage of voice search is that it removes typos while entering queries.
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Mim Jannat

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